Master Life Coaching

Build a career as a certified Life Coach, Licensed Life Coach, or Licensed Master Life Coach.
If you feel destined to help others and are naturally a good communicator, active listener, empathetic, discerning and have intuitive insight, then these may be indicators that a career as a professional life coach may be for you. Many of the skills you’ve developed and the life experiences you’ve gone through will enable you to connect with your clients.
Upon completion of your program, we will connect you with the marketing tools needed to get your business up and running with your own website and business cards at a discounted student rate. There are also other marketing and business tools available to help support your business’ needs.
Certified Life Coach Training
(4 hrs., - 1x per wk.)
Zoom collaborative learning, emails, and homework assignments
  • Learn what it means to be a life coach
  • What is the difference between Life Coaching, Mentoring and Psychotherapy?
  • Life Coaching forms
  • Is Life Coaching for you
  • Identifying your natural skills as a Life Coach
  • Listening and Communication Skills
  • What are the components of a healthy intake session?
  • Marketing your practice - logo, business cards, web presence
  • Legal aspects of your practice
Licensed Life Coach

9 months
(4 hrs., - 1x per wk.) If you are already a Certified Life Coach, we will go over the courses you need to further your career. 

Zoom collaborative learning, emails, and homework assignments

  • All of program A plus the following
  • Techniques on moving your client forward.
  • Empowering your client
  • The do’s and don’ts of a coaching session.
Licensed Master Life Coach

12 months 72 On-Site Hours  (4 hrs., - 1x per wk.)

Zoom collaborative learning, emails, and homework assignments


  • Preparing for your coaching practice
  • Coaching the seemingly uncoachable client.
  • Coaching is a journey
  • Website and life coach building 


























Specialty continuing classes in Life Coaching



























Christian Life Coaching
Marriage Coaching
Relationship Coaching
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